"Mind over Matter was my last resort to sort myself out. I wish now, it had been my first."


Overcome your
obstacles and
empower your life

We can help you to cope with the stressful demands of a modern, 24/7 society. We offer you a caring personal service to help you identify what is important to you and improve work life balance.

Welcome to Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter is a hypnotherapy clinic that genuinely cares about people.

The practice was started by Helena Kisiel M.A.A.T D.M.H D.Hyp Dip.S.M.C, a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who devotes her life to helping others overcome their obstacles and empower their lives.

Helena is a sincerely warm and approachable person who has a natural gift of empathising and calming the most troubled people and helping them to find practical ways of surviving life’s challenges.

Helena discovered counselling and hypnotherapy during a very difficult time in her own life. In this modern 24/7 society with all its demands and expectations, she realised how difficult it was to find someone willing to give time to someone in need, especially when Helena was always the capable rock her friends and clients always turned to. Her business career was stressful and left her no time for herself or life outside work. She had to reach burn out before she discovered her calling was in therapy and to help others.Helen Kisel Portrait

She is renowned for her motivational seminars where her business and counselling experience inspire people from all walks of life, in pursuit of happiness, to achieve their goals through positive mental attitude. She brings out the best in people, they discover their self respect to believe in themselves and their dreams. Whether it’s finding confidence or success, getting rid of a bad habit, fear or phobia, or managing your stress, Helena can help you.

Helena is also a counsellor at Childline where she helps thousands of children who call the national helpline each day and her soothing calm voice brings comfort to the anxious callers.

People with traumatic experiences can easily relate to Helena who understands trauma from her own difficult years. Her training in hypnotherapy, existential time limited therapy, Gestalt therapy, NLP and EMDR has saved many people at the brink of suicide, unable to escape the vivid memories of war, terrorists, rape, sexual abuse and horrific accidents. Helena works closely with local GPs who have seen dramatic changes in their patients’ well being. 

“Whatever is troubling you or however you want to change in your life,
I can give you the time to listen, care and understand you. Everyone
is unique and the service is personal to you. Feel free to call me anytime”

Helena Kisiel M.A.A.T D.M.H D.Hyp Dip.S.M.C




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