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We can help you to cope with the stressful demands of a modern, 24/7 society. We offer you a caring personal service to help you identify what is important to you and improve work life balance.



Hypnotic CDs

Mind Over Matter hypnotic CDs have been specially recorded by Helena Kisiel M.A.A.T D.M.H D.Hyp Dip.S.M.C with beautifully serene music composed by Peter Randle.

Allow the world to stop for a moment and listen to Helena’s calm and soothing voice. Within minutes she will ease you into a very pleasant state of relaxation. Her comforting words of reassurance will leave you feeling inspired with new found confidence and strength to create the future you desire.

Listen to our taster session:

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Stop Smoking
Break free from the chains of the nicotine habit and control your habit rather than allow it to control you. Improve your health, confidence and bank balance.

Weight Control
Change how you feel about food, when, why and what you eat. Feel inspired to feel and look good as you take control of your weight.

How you cope and find happiness is dependant upon how confident you feel. This CD will help you increase your self esteem, be assertive and say ‘no’ more often and feel in control of your life.

Achieve Success
Mind Over Matter’s most popular CD, based on Helena Kisiel’s motivational seminars. Through positive mental attitude she will inspire you to recognise opportunities and think, behave and achieve success.

Improve Your Golf
Follow in Tiger Woods or Bernhard Langer’s footsteps by using hypnosis to improve your swing or overcome the dreaded ‘yips’. A psychological game where the mental skill of remaining calm and focused can be easily achieved through hypnosis.

Fear of Flying
Break the chains of fear and explore foreign lands. Step by step, through hypnosis, you will enjoy the journey from booking your flight, packing your suitcase to landing, free from anxiety.

Re-invent Yourself
Empower your life by finding the self belief to change your life and create the future you desire.

Natural Childbirth
Bond with your baby during pregnancy and enjoy a comfortable childbirth, have a shorter labour and reduce stress to your baby.

Free from Worry
How can we stop worrying? This CD helps you to eliminate unnecessary worry, discover how to cope with uncertainty and take control of your future.

At some point in our lives we experience death but the grieving process affects us all differently. Learn to live with the loss of your loved ones as they remain close in your heart.

Overcome despair and anxiety, eliminate negative thoughts and find hope to face the world and find happiness.

Stress and Anxiety
This CD is the drug free tranquillizer! Jump off the roller coaster of life and allow the world to stop so you can take stock. Find peace and calmness, feel energised to redress the balance and enhance restful sleep.

Pass Your Driving Test
You know you can drive but when the test day arrives, nerves get the better of you. Remain calm and increase your confidence to guarantee success in your driving test.

A CD to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Helena Kisiel’s soothing calm voice will take you on a beautiful journey to revitalise you and think more clearly. Feeling relaxed will give you a welcome respite from stress and aid restful sleep.


All of the above Mind Over Matter hypnotic CDs are £12.95 each plus £2.00 postage and packaging.

Order by credit card via paypal account or email your order to and pay by cheque made payable to 'Helena Kisiel'. 


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