"Mind over Matter gave me the confidence to achieve what I always knew I could."

How Can Mind Over Matter Help You?

Imagine what life would be like if you had less stress and anxiety. Imagine how rested you’d feel if your insomnia could be treated. Imagine the happy atmosphere at home if you could take care of your anger. Imagine how popular you could be if you were more confident. Your subconscious mind is a reservoir of strength with unlimited boundaries and hypnotherapy communicates with your subconscious mind to help you achieve your potential.

Living in the 21st century can be stressful for most of us, trying to keep up with the fast pace and high demands. The overload of information we are constantly subjected to in a 24/7 environment can lead us to burn out. As a Stress Management Consultant, I can help you identify what is important to you, recognise what you can and cannot change and improve your work life balance. I find you coping strategies to deal with your commitments so you can feel less overwhelmed and more in control of your life so you feel better about yourself.

Trauma, Fears and Phobias
Almost 75% of the population suffers a traumatic event sometime in their lives. Many choose to ‘close the door’ on experiences without addressing them which lead to PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, nightmares, OCD, isolation and even suicide. I use a remarkable technique called EMDR which can effectively transform your reaction to a bad event and enable you to ‘move on’ from the event without months or years of painful therapy.

Focusing on the dangers of smoking only make you feel worse and encourage you to light another cigarette. What I prefer to do is concentrate on making you feel good about yourself the moment you walk into the clinic. My smoking cessation program focuses on the benefits you will have when you become a person who no longer smokes. You will enjoy a healthy quality of life, be financially better off to buy the things you previously couldn’t afford and you will take control of your life rather than allow smoking to control you. I offer you health, happiness, a sense of achievement, confidence, and improved physical appearance without gaining weight or cravings.

Pain and Illness
I can help you feel less stressed and anxious about an operation which in turn helps you to heal faster. Hypnotherapy is the pill that cures a thousand ills. It can relieve many medical conditions such as high blood pressure, chronic pain, IBS, eczema and boost your immune system. Fear of needles or the dentist can be overcome. If you have cancer, I can help you regain a sense of personal control to get through the medical experience.

Confidence and Motivation
We only use 2% of our brains and we can achieve our potential by expanding our belief system. Our minds are only as great as our thoughts and hypnotherapy is effective in eliminating negative thoughts and fears which hold us back. By reinforcing positive mental attitude and discovering what we truly desire, hypnotherapy can help you to empower your life. Confidence is a small word but it can achieve big success in your career, love life, business, or sports.

Fertility and Natural Childbirth
Infertility and IVF is known to be as stressful as cancer or heart disease. The more stress you suffer, the less likely you will conceive. I can help to reduce stress and help you through the feelings of despair, help you manage the IVF process and failed IVF. If you are fortunate enough to conceive, I can help you bond with your baby before birth and prepare you for a comfortable delivery. Feeling relaxed and without fear or pain, your labour will be shortened and your baby will benefit from the process too.

Relationship Issues
Emotional and communication problems can destroy a relationship but with hypnotherapy I can help you face negative emotions and keep things in perspective to enable you to improve your relationship. Break ups can be ugly and they can bring heartache and misery. I can help you stay positive, soothe your pain and calm your mind. With increased confidence and positive mind you will be able to pickup the pieces and rebuild your life.

Grief can shatter even the strongest of us and picking up the pieces to build a new life can be painful and overwhelming. I can help you come to terms with your dear loss, remain positive and find hope and peace to enable you to pick up the pieces and rebuild your life.

I can help you overcome drugs and alcohol addiction by providing emotional support and increasing your self worth and confidence. Cravings can be eliminated using EMDR and NLP techniques and by understanding your need for the addiction, you can quit for good.

Bad Habits
Our subconscious develops bad habits to protect us and help us cope with past experiences.  Habits such as bed wetting, blushing, stuttering, nail biting and sucking your thumb can easily be eliminated through hypnotherapy and NLP techniques. Your confidence and self image will improve dramatically.

Weight Control
Our relationship with food is a complex one. Food can have such a positive effect on our lives and what and when we eat affects our body and our mind. I can help you become more aware of your eating and improve eating habits to encourage your metabolic rate to speed up. If there is an emotional need to eat, I can help you understand how to overcome this. Everyone is unique and the weight control programme is tailored personally to your needs. You will feel less hungry, increase your confidence and energy. You will gain control and enhance the quality of your life.

Sexual Issues
Many sexual problems are linked with internalised emotions. Hypnotherapy is extremely successful in helping you to identify your own emotions and understand how your body reacts to them. I can help you release these emotions to feel good about yourself, improve your confidence and your love life.

Child Therapy
The first 7 years are the formative years for children where the subconscious mind develops coping and defence mechanisms to survive. Even before children can speak, certain experiences may cause them to have behaviour problems, bed-wetting, nail biting etc. In a fun and gentle way I can find the root cause to improve your child‘s development. 


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